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Item # item-1703, HVLP Spray Guns

Standard-Size Maximum Performer Manual HVLP Spray Gun
  • A standard-size manual spray gun designed to maintain the comfortable fit and feel operators prefer.
  • The DeVilbiss Maximum Performer line can collectively handle more than 90% of the coatings being applied today.
  • Improved transfer efficiency, less overspray and bounceback.
  • The high transfer efficiency enhances productivity and finish quality. Because more paint is applied on each pass, fewer passes may be required by the operator.
  • Maximum Performer HVLP spray guns also meet the legislated VOC requirements of the California South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Our JGHV Standard-Size Maximum Performer manual spray gun gives you the best of everything.
  • The comfortable fit and feel of DeVilbiss’ classic JGA spray gun.
  • High transfer efficiency and superior atomization of HVLP.
  • 300-grade stainless steel fluid passages for waterborne compatibility.
Pressure Feed Spray Guns
  • Advanced technology for the professional painter
  • Precision engineered patented #2000 air cap – Meets exacting performance demands, producing an extremely fine finish with all materials. Developed in conjunction with top American and European paint companies to spray the latest materials
  • Large spray pattern for fast coverage
  • Even distribution of materials for no mottling or striping – Excellent color matching capabilities
  • Optimum atomization for clearcoats and single stages – Produces a high gloss finish and minimizes orange peel. Excellent fluid control for applying more film build with fewer passes
  • Lightweight and comfortable – Classic DeVilbiss fit and feel
  • Economical servicing – Air cap, fluid tips and needles are fully interchangeable and available separately
  • Highly efficient HVLP design – Complies with environmental regulation requiring high volume, low pressure. Saves material. Very little overspray
  • Low air pressure and volume requirements – GTI-5033-2000 Air Cap Test Kit (Order Separately) Provides consistent setup and regulatory proof of air cap pressure
  • Stainless steel fluid tip, needle and fluid inlet adapter
  • Two-quart pressure feed cup outfit available order – EXL Pressure Feed Gun (see selection lower right corner), Two-quart remote cup (KB-555), 6' air and fluid hose assembly (KB-4006)


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