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Item # Nanogun Airmix

  • The Nanogun Airmix® manual electrostatic spray gun combines all the SAMES KREMLIN skills and knowledge for spraying liquid paints at medium and high pressures with additional air. It is perfect for many markets, such as aerospace, agricultural, construction, metallic furnitures, wood, transportation & energy. Nanogun Airmix® is excellent for spraying medium viscosity paints with improved results .
  • The Nanogun Airspray manual electrostatic low pressure spray gun was specially designed for spraying liquid paints at low pressures in many markets, such as aerospace, agricultural & construction, metallic furnitures, wood and automotive industries. The Nanogun Airspray differentiates itself with its lightweight, ergonomic design thus improving operator comfort.

MIV 6600 The MIV 6600 equipment meets the requirements set forth to spraying paints and clear coats industrially. This unit is composed of a MIV 6600 handgun and a GNM 100 control module.

KMC 3 spray guns Ideal for complex parts such as tubes, frameworks, chassis and tables.

KMP 3 spray gun Ideal for all parts requesting high quality finish together with an excellent edge covering for office furniture, rolloing equipment, accessories .

KMV 3 spray gun Perfect for complex tubular parts such as tubes, frameworks, chassis, tables.

KMX 3 spray gun Ideal for large parts with the high Airmix® finish quality.


Product Information

Catalog Electrostatic SAMES KREMLIN
Nanogun MX Manual Electrostatic Airmix Spray Gun


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