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AW Lake Controls

EMO-500 Monitor
The EMO-500 is a two signal component ratio monitor designed for use in steady or pulsing flow streams. Signals from two flow meters can be displayed as independant flow rates or totals, or as an A/B, A + B or A - B relationship. In ratio mode, a programmable ideal ratio is compared to the actual ratio, and off ratio conditions are indicated via one of the four limit relays. These relays can be used to operate audible or visual alarms, or to terminate pump operation. The EMO-500 has seven different totalizers for reporting and record keeping. Other features include job resets, RS-232/485 Serial Communication and a 4-20 mA output.

EMO-3000 Multi-Channel Flow Computer
The standard EMO-3000 offers one to four channels, but is expandable to up to 12 channels. Each channel can be configured as a flow monitor or as a closed loop controller. Four alarm limits can be programmed for each channel indicating rate, total, or ratio conditions. The ratio function allows the display of flow rate A, flow rate B and ratio A/B up to 12 channels. The DM-3000 is a backlighted digital display that can show 12 channels simultaneously. The display values can be programmed in over 30 different selectable engineering units. The RS-232 or RS-485 Serial I/O interface allows for remote data collection, programming and PLC interface, allowing for multi-unit interfacing. Any channel card can be configured to provide closed loop feedback flow control. This is important in automatic systems where flow rate deviations can rapidly result in major rework, labor and material costs. The self teaching memory function remembers previous “learned” control values.

LLC-BA Batch Controller
Mounted in a pre-wired NEMA 12 industrial enclosure, the LLC-BA Batch Controller provides accurate and repeatable batch control, stores up to nine different programmable batch quantities, and is a rate, total or batch indicator. The LLC-BA controls batch operation with relay contacts to initiate and stop the flow. Two separate relay outputs allow the control of two solenoids with different flow rates providing a slow stop/start of the flow. The LLC-BA activates the low flow solenoid on the START input and after a programmed variable DELAY, the high flow solenoid is activated producing a combined high flow rate. The high flow solenoid is deactivated before the batch amount has been reached by means of the PRECUT variable reducing the flow for a slow stop. The low flow solenoid is deactivated when the programmed batch amount is reached. The LLC-BA compensates for a valve or fluid delay in the batch system with the Automatic Overrun Compensation feature. The A.O.C. feature detects any overrun and the LLC-BA anticipates and corrects for the delay on the next batch. This feature is always active and adapting continuously to correct for long-term changes in valves and fluid characteristics.


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