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Graco Flow Meters

GRACO’S gear and mass flow meters are highly accurate, even with low flow rates. Our meters are ideal for finishing applications using most solventborne and waterborne paints and resins.

Informer Precision Flow Meters
G250/G250 HR, G3000/G3000 HR and S3000

  • Positive displacement, spur gear flow meter
  • Designed for non-abrasive and unfilled materials
  • Highly accurate, even with low flow rates
  • Stainless steel compatible to handle low to medium viscosity materials
  • ETL us, ATEX- and CE-marked

Precisionview Meters
HG6000/HG6000 HR

  • Positive displacement, helical gear flow meter
  • Designed for higher flow rates and higher viscosity materials
  • Highly accurate, even with low flow rates
  • Stainless steel, water-base compatible for medium to high viscosity materials
  • ATEX- and CE-marked

Coriolis Mass Flow
  • Non-intrusive mass flow meter
  • Designed for all abrasive and filled materials
  • Stainless steel, waterborne and acid compatible for a wide range of materials
  • Uses less material to flush
  • Wide range of flow rates and material
  • FM-, CSA- and ATEX-marked
  • ATEX- and CE-marked
  • 1/8 in and 3/8 in ID options

Key Applications
  • Manual Spray Finishing
  • Automatic Spray Finishing
  • Solvent Metering

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