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Item # 1732, Nordson Plural Component

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OptiMix® Plural-Component Metering System

The Nordson OptiMix metering system combines electronic metering technology with simple, touch-screen controls for an easy introduction to the world of mixing two-component materials. Using flow meters and valves, the system is designed to provide excellent ratio control and adjustability for coating operations. Each OptiMix system is custom built per application and can control up to 32 materials with a mixing accuracy of +/- 1%.

OptiMix™ 1 Plural Component Liquid Dispensing System
Electronically controlled proportioning and mixing unit for the processing of solvent- and water-based two-component and three-component coatings.

The OptiMix 1 plural component system is an electronically controlled proportioning and mixing unit for the processing of solvent- and water-based coatings. Through its precision and flexibility, the OptiMix unit provides high efficiency and excellent surface quality. As a result, it is an ideal solution for a variety of general industry and trade applications.

The OptiMix unit allows the rapid change of up to 10 different base or catalyst materials. It can be used for low- and high-pressure spraying. The system also processes paints in a wide range of viscosities and flow rates.

OptiMix™ II Plural Component Metering System
Plural component unit for lacquering and coating.

The OptiMix II system is a robust, high-performance, multi-purpose plural component painting and coating unit with a freely adjustable mixing ratio. It incorporates an innovative electronic control system that provides high proportioning accuracy, making the OptiMix II system ideal for most any application in general industry or trade.

The unit allows the rapid change of up to 16 different paints and lacquers. It can be used for low as well as high pressure spraying. The OptiMix II system processes paints of various viscosities at outputs from a few ounces up to several gallons per minute. If needed, the system can also be used as a single-component spray unit for added versatility.


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