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Pneumatic Piston Pumps

SATA spray mix units - dolphin and shark

Spray Mix - The combination of high material pressure and ato-mization pressure allows a soft, controlled spray fan. Fields of application are everywhere where airless systems (mere material feed without air atomization) may not be used due to higher sur-face quality requirements.

Principle Function: The material is fed to the gun at a pressure of 50 - 80 bars and preatomized inside the nozzle. Fine atomization is achieved by the additional atomization air. This creates the soft. adjustable spray fan with low overspray. The system is suitable for fine coa-ting tasks with high surface covering capacity, for polygonal and angular components as well as shaped or small objects.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Perfectly suitable for large surfaces with high quality requirements
  • Good surface quality with soft, adjustable spray fan
  • Protects the environment due to VOC conformity: material savings
  • Profitable: saves air and time
  • High performance. great versatility
  • Low overspray. high surface covering capacity
  • Stainless steel version - suitable for waterborne materials!
  • Flawless operation even with extreme heavy duty permanent use


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